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About Inkjet Materials
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About Inkjet Materials

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Digital Inkjet printing is the fastest growing technology in the printing world

today. That should be no surprise given the advantages inkjet printing offers

compared to conventional digital print systems, including ease of use, short

turnaround time, on-demand printing, vibrant colors, and high-resolution

photographic output quality. Why settle for material that’s not suited

for your inkjet printer?

After years of developing and manufacturing durable inkjet materials,

GetLabels offers the perfect solution for your application, compatible

with all major printer brands - here are the top 10 materials found to

work best for your inkjet printing needs.

Matte Paper

Uniquely receptive to water-based dye and pigment

inks, this matte white paper label provides a premium

matte appearance for primary display and secondary

packaging labels

High Gloss Paper

With a general-purpose permanent

adhesive designed for excellent

adhesion to corrugated board, plastics,

and packaging films, this high-gloss

white paper label provides a premium

shine desired for primary display labels

featuring photographic images.