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High temperature resistant label
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High temperature resistant label

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How many degrees of high temperature can the high temperature resistant label withstand?

The use of High Temperature Resistant Label is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Many industries need it, and high-temperature containers, boilers, ovens, high-temperature furnaces and other related places need to use it. Then the question is, how can we meet the high temperature requirements? Some customers need to withstand high temperatures of 300-500 degrees Celsius. Ordinary materials will be burnt and burnt. Here is a High Temperature Resistant Label for you:

High Temperature Resistant Label
It is made of polyimide film and coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, and can withstand temperatures up to 320 ° C. It is resistant to flux, flux and cleaning agents, etc. The chemical substances have a certain corrosion resistance, so that they can maintain excellent performance in extremely harsh environments of high temperature and wear. It is specially designed for character or barcode labels for printed circuit boards because it can withstand the attack of soldering agents, fluxes, etc. faced during the production of printed circuit boards. At present, the thickness is mainly 25um and 50um. The commonly used colors are black and white. High Temperayure Resistant Material are widely used in the SMT and wave peak process of many electronic products, motherboards, corrosion products, mobile phones and lithium batteries and other products with high temperature resistant labels.

Good Quality PET Label

To sum up, the commonly used High Temperayure Resistant Material are generally Good Quality PET Label, and there is a small detail here. I don`t know if you have noticed it. This refers to the texture of the glue on the back of the substrate, because air bubbles will be generated during the high temperature process. The embossed bottom is equipped with air guide grooves. When bubbles are generated, the air can be slowly drained from the air guide grooves. This is The Secret of Embossed Bottoms.