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Introduction for the wine label
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Introduction for the wine label

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Common printing processes for wine labels include offset printing, flexographic printing, digital printing, etc. In order to highlight the grade of wine, the application of wine label post-press finishing process is more abundant, including bronzing (flat hot, convex hot, texture hot), screen (convex word oil, scrub oil), convex, embossing, die cutting, stripe and other processes, as shown in Figure 1.

From the perspective of material application, the commonly used materials of wine labels are divided into ordinary paper sticker label, special paper sticker label, metal sticker label, transparent material sticker label and so on.

At present, the common wine labels on the market mainly include ordinary paper and special paper sticker labels. At the same time, the label material is mostly special for wine. The function is mainly reflected in moisture resistance and ice resistance bucket, and the aesthetics is mainly reflected in the paper color, texture, visual sense and so on.

In terms of printing process selection, due to the characteristics of wine labels, such as variety, small amount and poor paper flatness, most wine labels adopt offset printing process with the advantages of fast plate change, high pressure and high color reduction. In recent years, with the continuous development of digital printing, also gradually applied to the wine label production process. As mentioned above, in order to improve the quality and beauty of products, wine label finishing effect after printing is more, mainly for bronzing, silk screen, concave and convex texture.