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Direct Thermal Label 

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improve the ink drying effect in adhesive label printing


There are several methods to improve the ink drying effect in adhesive label printing:(1) Use additives to improve the drying speed of ink. For example, adding drying oil to resin ink; Water-based ink with specialized additives; Solvent ink with low boiling point solvent.(2) Change the operating spe
Reasons for easy fracture of adhesive materials during die-cutting and waste disposal process


1. Some materials, such as glossy paper (also known as mirror coated paper), have short fibers and are relatively fragile. During the die-cutting and waste disposal process, the tensile strength of the waste disposal edge is lower than the waste disposal tension of the equipment, making it easy to b
Features of foil label printing


Features of foil label printingLabel design is designed for printing on silver foil. Features of the technological process and label material significantly increase the brightness of colors, retaining their original appearance for a long time. Self-adhesive foil (metallized paper) has a high degree
Description of Self-adhesive labels


Self-adhesive labels are widely used and convenient labels, and their performance is vital for users. Below are some common performance characteristics of self-adhesive labels:Adhesion Performance: The adhesive strength of self-adhesive labels refers to the bonding force between the label and the ad
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