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Self Adhesive Label

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improve the ink drying effect in adhesive label printing


There are several methods to improve the ink drying effect in adhesive label printing:(1) Use additives to improve the drying speed of ink. For example, adding drying oil to resin ink; Water-based ink with specialized additives; Solvent ink with low boiling point solvent.(2) Change the operating spe
About UV Printing


UV printing is a distinctive form of digital printing that involves the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to cure or dry UV ink almost as soon as it is applied to a prepared substrate. The UV printing process is unique. The substrate can include paper as well as any other material that the printer can a
Reasons for easy fracture of adhesive materials during die-cutting and waste disposal process


1. Some materials, such as glossy paper (also known as mirror coated paper), have short fibers and are relatively fragile. During the die-cutting and waste disposal process, the tensile strength of the waste disposal edge is lower than the waste disposal tension of the equipment, making it easy to b
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