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Why do some stickers blister easily?
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Why do some stickers blister easily?

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There are six reasons for the blistering of self-adhesive labels:

(1) The adhesive is applied unevenly. The adhesive coating is uneven, so the place with less adhesive cannot be well bonded with the object to be pasted, which directly causes the label to bubble.

(2) The pressure wheel of the labeling machine is poorly designed and the pressure is not enough. When labeling, a certain pressure must be applied to the label to ensure that all parts of the label and the substrate to be pasted are completely combined. If the pressure applied by the pressure wheel of the labeling machine is not enough, the label will bubble.

(3) The penetration of solvent in printing ink. After the label is printed, the ink may be activated in some solvents due to temperature, pH value, environmental humidity and other reasons, so as to penetrate the phenomenon. If the ink penetrates, the chemical reaction of some organic solvents, plasticizers and adhesives, the loss of adhesive viscosity, and the foaming phenomenon on the label surface.

(4) The surface of the adherend is not clean. Before the surface is marked, such as the adhesive surface of the bottle body is not clean, and the label and the bottle must not be in full contact, leading to blistering.

(5) Influence of drying process. The drying method of printing ink is used for oxidative polymerization, which is suitable for paper materials but not for film materials. And screen printing, the drying method commonly used in solvent based inks is volatile conjunctiva. If the thin base paper material is used in the drying process, it will appear the deformation and blistering of adhesive labels.

(6) Electrostatic effect. Electrostatic effect refers to the inevitable serious problems in the production process. What must be done is to eliminate static electricity in the label production process. The method often used is to connect external lines or keep the workshop floor wet.