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Description of Self-adhesive labels
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Description of Self-adhesive labels

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Self-adhesive labels are widely used and convenient labels, and their performance is vital for users. Below are some common performance characteristics of self-adhesive labels:

  1. Adhesion Performance: The adhesive strength of self-adhesive labels refers to the bonding force between the label and the adhesive object, which directly affects whether the label can firmly stick to the object. High-quality self-adhesive labels should not only have good adhesion but also adapt to different object surfaces.

  2. Water and Oil Resistance: Self-adhesive labels are typically used in products that require long-term preservation. Therefore, their bonding capacity should have strong water and oil resistance to prevent problems such as label detachment or fading caused by water or oil molecules penetrating the adhesive layer.

  3. Printing Capability: Self-adhesive labels require strong printing capability to ensure that the printed content can display clearly and steadily on the label.

  4. Heat and Cold Resistance: In different environmental temperatures, self-adhesive labels should maintain a stable bonding capacity and not be deformed or cracked due to temperature impact.

  5. Tear Resistance: Self-adhesive labels may undergo many forms of wear and tear such as tearing or friction during the use. Therefore, their material needs to have good tear resistance to guarantee the integrity and durability of the label.

In conclusion, the performance of self-adhesive labels directly affects product quality and production efficiency, so it is essential to choose suitable materials and quality based on the label's application scenario and needs, ensuring the quality and stability of the label during use.