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Features of foil label printing
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Features of foil label printing

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Features of foil label printing

Label design is designed for printing on silver foil. Features of the technological process and label material significantly increase the brightness of colors, retaining their original appearance for a long time. Self-adhesive foil (metallized paper) has a high degree of resistance to external mechanical stress and aggressive

environment. They confidently withstand:

  • Humid environment.

  • Moisture droplets.

  • Prolonged exposure to low and high temperatures.

  • Sudden temperature changes.

  • Shifting goods, rubbing against each other.

Commercial success label design

In addition to technical advantages, the foil label gives the product an expensive look, increasing its competitiveness. This is achieved by expressive playful colors with a silvery sheen, which shimmer depending on the viewing angle of the observer. Changing the color of the label allows you to well attract the attention of the end consumer. Take advantage of the great experience of Style-You studio designers by ordering the development of a label for water in glass bottles. We will work out and control the entire complex, help you create a turnkey label from design to printing technology to be sure of an unsurpassed result. Call and order right now!