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The performance of the self-adhesive label
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The performance of the self-adhesive label

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The self-adhesive label material consists of three parts: face paper, adhesive and backing paper: 

(1) face material, (2) glue and (3) backing paper. The answers to the following questions can help us choose the right materials.

1. Permanency and removability of adhesive

According to the performance of adhesives, they can be generally divided into two categories: permanent adhesives and removable adhesives.

2. Emphasize the significance of the label surface

Because labels made of self-adhesive materials may be labeled on the surfaces of various materials, such as glass, metal, cardboard and plastic. And plastics can be further divided into: PVC, high-density polyethylene. The test shows that different label surfaces have the greatest impact on the performance.

3. Surface structure of label substrate

Intuitively speaking, rough label surface requires glue with strong viscosity.

4. Surface shape of label substrate

The surface of the label substrate can be divided into plane and curved surface. If the label surface has a certain radian (for example, the surface of a drug bottle with a diameter of less than 3 cm), the face paper may be required to have good adaptability or glue with strong viscosity.

5. Cleaning condition of label surface

The self-adhesive material is most suitable for the label substrate with clean, dry surface and no oil stain and dust.